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Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has always aimed for diversification on two counts viz. (1) by expanding its business lines and (2) by increasing the number of its automated tools.

The then “Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.”  in 2004 has now changed its name and style in 2021 , going  by the name of “Karma Management Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”   This so necessitated Karma Management to change its  traditional style and structure because of the popular demand from Global Clients abroad  for availing our range of services in the field of temp staffing, payroll, regulatory compliances and HR services .  Having successfully nurtured in giving excellent services to domestic clients all over India,  Karma has now also started operating with Global Clients based in UK, USA, Middle East, Far East including Asia.  Ever since then,  Karma making such forays  in such ventures abroad, is only due to the “Customer confidence” which it believes is the foundation of lasting relationships.  Always willing to support the customers at all times, the clients also count on our services to deliver quality products and services in a timely and efficient manner which has always been our patented trademark which we are proud of.

Having won many accolades in the past for our performance and achievements in its 2 decades of stead fast growth and expansion, Karma has now  put its best foot forward in the area of “Integrated Facility Management Services” going by the name and style of “SPACES”.

Yes, once our domestic facility operation gets started and rolling into managing the facility management services of the Principal Employers given our vast resources, caliber and strengths, we are very hopeful of expanding  our facility services area beyond the shores of India , starting with Middle East countries where we already   have a sizeable presence in the area of temp staffing and payroll.

We are aware that the The Middle East Construction Industry has been seen as an ever-growing ‘growth engine’ for multiple sectors ranging from hospitality, trade to property management and has recently been making very good  ripples on tourism and workplace environment.  

The UAE’s facility management market was valued at  $ 14.5 billion  in 2020 and is expected to showcase a CAGR of 10.8% by 2030. In many ways, the facility management landscape of MENA is far different than other global markets. One can witness the unique equations of multinational and regional firms there. While multinational firms bring in their cross-market expertise, standardizations, and service benchmarks, Karma Managements SPACES team handling facility management services is confident of providing  Ultra customized, cost-effective solutions with low turnaround time. 

Karma Management’s SPACES Group has  adopted various growth strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, aggressive expansions, and joint ventures with local service providers to strengthen our  position in this every growing facility services market. Yes ,  Karma will be  facing  competition from some of the  players in and around but  in many aspects, Karma will strive hard in proving to be  more successful in our rapidly increasing  endeavors, due to its rich legacy of over 2 decades where we have grown and survived all the highs and lows and build our solid brand over the progressive years.

Our team of experts in facility management services have gone through a rigorous round of training , and after amassing all the expertise required in terms of  critical functional traits in managing facility management service, Karma Management SPACES Group will stand by its organizational value system and will surely deliver and fulfill all types of contracts, and  product/service portfolios.

Karma Management’s Trademark is that of being an agile organization which focuses on the strategy, structure, process, people, and technology part of the business and it sees this as nothing different in managing the facility services in which all such qualities exists in Karma and believes in its ability to deliver on time with excellence.

Strategic partnerships with technology as well as with contractors, vendors, local and regional players and start up firms  are helping  us to leverage mutual expertise and gain that competitive edge so as to give the right solutions for our  customers by  maximizing our true potential.    

Customer-centric approach

Karma has plunged straight into the path of going by Customer-centric approach especially in the Middle East countries because of its exponential growth of tourism and  cosmopolitan and millennial workforce, clients and tenants who are expecting seamless experience more from the facility management teams and Karma’s SPACES facility management team is one just STOP for delivering excellent results while venturing into this newly acquired area of facility management. 

Upskilling the workforce

Karma Management has also put a lot of efforts in upskilling our workforce which has had a positive influence on  Facility Management’s performance . Besides skill development, it has given us  other benefits of  employee retention and higher productivity of the teams where we have also been focusing on  giving special attention to cross-skill through training and capacity-building workshops. 

Summarising our wonderful journey, we would like to conclude by saying that “employee well being and welfare and customer experience” have always been high on the  priority list, and most importantly,  we  strongly believe in strategic partnerships and are constantly updating our  technology stack so as to  provide relevant solutions to all our clients , locally as well as internationally. 

For more details, kindly contact our Integrated SPACES  Head, V. Prakash Kumar , who has an experience of 20 years in managing complex and large facilities portfolio and also has worked in UAE , Qatar, Muscat on large scale international projects especially Real Estate and Hyper markets.

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