Karma Management’s strict vigil in its auditing foray - Child Labour Act
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It was a sheer coincidence that when Karma as a Consultancy Firm was founded in 1979, it began by providing consultancy services in the field of payroll, payroll compliances, and outsourcing.  At the same time, outsourcing emerged in the 1980s when countries started getting attracted to India as the location for offloading outsourcing services to India.  

This new development came right in time for Karma to focus its business strategy on these lines to include it as one of its core business functions.  Thus gradually, a lot of Indian firms started looking at Karma as a business house for handling their outsourcing functions, and subsequently in the year 2004, Karma  Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to offer outsourcing services on a grand scale to Indian businesses to ease their manpower and human resource management work which they found Karma very much adept in handling the same.  

Today, Karma Management is re-christened as Karma Management Global  Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. after having extended its reach to countries abroad like the U.K., USA, Middle East, Fast East, Philippines, etc. where Global clients have been chasing Karma for availing its payroll and outsourcing services.

The two of our most prominent software tools viz. WeChecked and WeProcess have been giving us immense leverage, helping us to use the full potential of its features in our payroll and outsourcing processes, for the benefit of local and global clients engaged with us.

India is one of the most sought-after locations for giving the finest service in customer support delivery.  

The main advantage that India offers is the abundant skilled labor force of young English-speaking professionals,  dedicated and hard-working and ready to provide a range of processes across all operational, manufacturing, trading, and financial business houses.  This kind of attitude on the part of the labour service has enabled Global Organizations to reach out to consultancy firms for their excellent payroll and outsourcing services and Karma Management Global Tech Firm is one of the strongest contenders for rendering such kinds of outsourcing services.  

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions has been recognized as a vibrant hub for customer support which gives the business houses a lower operating cost, higher returns, access to state of the art tools like WeChecked and WeProcess, highly skilled workforce, timely resolutions, coupled with renowned expertise, knowledge and efficient results.   All these parameters cultivated, imbibed and recognized, makes Karma Global a much sought-after outsourcing agency that takes utmost care of each and every process with qualitative and quantitative results.

The most likable feature in handling the outsourcing services at Karma Management is the new generation of youngsters and interns led by expert leaders of long serviceable standing with business acumen, who are propelling top class movement of delivery of services.

The second most likable feature is the technology that Karma Management has indigenously developed and entrenched into its procedures and systems viz. “WeChecked “and “WeProcess”, that makes it a wonderful tool for managing outsourced people, the employee life cycle processes, and compensation and rewards benefits.

 As recently as 23rd December 2021, Karma Management won the “Most Trusted Tech Enhanced Compliance & Governance Management Consulting Company of the Year “ Award 2021 for Tech-Enabled Systems.  The Top Notch Foundation which is a leading Research and Analysis Consultant from Delhi, found our powerful software tools viz. (1) WeChecked and (2) WeProcess

The third most likable feature is the use of connectivity by bringing technological transformation closer to the Global clients.  Our sophisticated tools are closely connected with the clients giving them a window to know exactly how the level of the employee’s human resource processes stand vis-à-vis regulatory compliances which give the clients a high level of comfort to know that outsourced employees are tracked, monitored, and career pathed for growth and development.   Such kind of results puts the clients off the radar as far as their outsourced employee’s maneuvering is concerned, and help them to focus on their core business to meet their goals and objectives as per the memorandum of articles of association of each company.

The fourth most likable feature of Karma Management in outsourcing is its performance capabilities.   India has leaped forward in bounds, so also Karma has progressed in its endeavor to upscale its outsourcing activities across all segments of industries, be it Real Estate, BPO, IT/ITES, Trading, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Hospitality, Facilities, Logistics, Retail, Supply Chain, Warehousing, and so on.  The results delivered by our team have exceeded the performance expectations of our numerous and valuable clients which consist of (a) excellent service (b) hardcore skills (c) knowledge and expertise (d) the latest technology which is available in plenty in Karma Management.

The two outstanding parameters that has attracted Global Clients to Karma Management is its easy and scalable “customer service support” and “customer experience solutions”  and these have enabled Karma to deliver  reliable results for customers while lowering operational costs and increasing efficiency

Our diversified delivery hubs in  Gurgaon, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gujarat, and Chennai with Multi-language capabilities and local language support have given a unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) which is being constantly renewed with zest and vigor.  Added to this, is our flexible nature and are always open to feedback and suggestion.

So here we are with facts and figures which are attracting Global Clients to us and why not you too, irrespective of whether you are a small, medium or large business enterprise, please do approach us for an initial talk and presentation where you can be assured of excellent outsourcing services from the stable of Karma Management since 2004 servicing all top-notch clients in India and Abroad.  

Please contact our Marketing / Sales Department at Karma House, located in Santacruz East, Mumbai for more details on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44.

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