Manpower Consultancy Services

Manpower Consultancy Services – What is the service about

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Best Staffing Agencies that can be reckoned with as far as manpower and temporary staffing services are concerned because it has a unique way of finding the best recruitment solutions that anyone else can give.

Karma is fully involved in the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for short jobs or long-term employment since it has been in this field for over 17 years as the best recruitment solution provider.

Karma as a Recruitment Firm or better known as the foremost Manpower Recruitment Agency has a vast container holding lakhs of applications in its active talent pool and it has a separate talent pool also for passive candidates who do not have an immediate need but are perhaps ready for a changeover whenever there is an attractive proposition.

Besides various other business verticals like Compliance & Governance, Payroll, Karma specializes in its role as manpower supplier, in onboarding crème de la crème skilled talent for all levels and all types of industries. Its basic fundamentals are very clear and specific :

  • Right Talent
  • Right Time and
  • Right Cost

Manpower services execution has always been at the top of the charts for Karma Management as a Manpower Sourcing Company because, in the values that it holds, it gives a competitive edge in not just sourcing and selecting, but closing the loop with induction, orientation, listing KRAs and KPIs with career pathing, thus enabling closing of the loop efficiently

Manpower Consultancy Services – How does it go about the process!

90% of the candidates who approach Karma Management, recognize Karma as the best Staffing and Recruitment Agency since it not only has a pool of potentially qualified job candidates but it also goes about the process of domestic and overseas recruitment, in a very systematic manner and to list a few of them are as follows :

  • The success rate of the selection process is very high as Karma carries out diligent work of sourcing and selection before passing it on to the Client Recruiters.
  • The job applicants which Karma gives to the Client Recruiters, have the confidence that candidates once recruited and selected, will stay in the Client Organization for a longer time
  • Karma Management carries out a demographic background check (age, education, marital status, gender, ethnicity, income ) on the type and behavior of candidates required to fit in with the culture of that Organization so that new candidates slide gently with the composition of the existing workforce.
  • Also, Karma has the ability to prepare and orient such potential types of candidates coming from different backgrounds, scaling them up with education and training in line with the cultural fit of any Organization, so required by any of them in keeping with the vision, mission and value statements of any Global or Domestic Organizations.
  • Karma Management also undertakes to evaluate the effectiveness of various recruiting techniques and sourcing s for all types of job applicants.


Manpower Consultancy Services – How does it handle a good recruitment program!

Karma as the biggest Recruitment company since 2004, believes in the fact that the first contact that Karma makes is with potential employees. It puts in a well-planned and well-managed recruiting effort to bring in high-quality applicants since it knows very well that a haphazard and piecemeal effort will result in mediocre ones.

It lays enough emphasis to bring in awareness of job openings as is the role of a good Manpower Consultant, throwing open attractive employment opportunities and thereby creating a positive image of the company. This also enables potential candidates to make comparisons with their qualifications and interests and generate enthusiasm among the best candidates so that interested candidates can apply for the positions all through the time.

Karma Management, as a leading Recruitment Firm and known as a top Recruitment Agency, carries with it a lot of competitive advantages by bringing in a lot of differentiation in products and services since the company chooses the approach that produces the best pool of candidates in a span of a short time.

A good recruiting program helps us at least in the following 4 ways :

  • It stands out very highly in attracting highly qualified and competent people
  • Selected candidates stay for a longer time
  • Ensures that there is a match between cost and benefit
  • Helps us to create a more culturally diverse workforce

Manpower Consultancy Services – How does it apply S.L.I.C.E. in manpower staffing solutions

A firm believer in being the best, Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. always manages to stand out from its competitors due to its technologically advanced mediums and core values of :

  • Simplicity,
  • Legacy,
  • Innovation,
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence.

The expert staff members are well trained to apply the set of values in all its works, be it recruitment services, compliances, onboarding and training, payroll management, contract staffing, temp-to-hire solutions, and so on.

The legacy continues since it has been active in the staffing solutions business for about 17 years however, innovation, collaboration and excellence have become a way of life, since Karma Management constantly keeps on innovating services with sophisticated automation and the related AI chatbot and collaborates with Global and Domestic Clients to give excellence in the execution of its services as the best staffing agency.

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