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An Overview of ESIC Form 22 Funeral Expenses


Contents News/Article Date: 24th May 2023

Relating to which Act: The Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Act, 1948          

Penalty under the Act: Section 84 prohibits employees from making false/wrong statements for availing benefits under the Act. Any person who illegally avails benefits not meant for him using false information is punishable. The punishment for this is imprisonment up to 6 months and/or fine up to Rest. 2,000.

Section 85: Penalty for non-compliance with provisions

Section 85 (a) to (g) basically contains compliances which employers and managers have to carry out. Consequently, failure to do so can make them liable for punishment as Section prescribes. Punishment may be in the form of either imprisonment or fine or both.

Section 85(a): Penalty for failure to pay a contribution

All employers under the Act have to periodically pay some money to the ESI Corporation for the benefit of employees. Non-payment of this contribution is a serious offense because it directly affects insurable employees.

Applicable to which State:  All the States and Establishments covered by the ESI Act

Type: ESIC web site   

Pertains to: All ESIC members

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And in this instance: Funeral expenses claim form ESIC form 22 is being used to claim funeral expenses for ESIC members who have passed away. Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESI) provides a pay-out of a certain amount to dependents of deceased ESIC members for funeral expenses.

Subject: An Overview of ESIC Form 22 Funeral Expenses

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An Overview of ESIC Form 22 Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses claim form ESIC form 22 is being used to claim funeral expenses for ESIC members who have passed away. Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESI) provides a pay-out of a certain amount to dependents of deceased ESIC members for funeral expenses.


About ESI Scheme in India

ESI Scheme in India the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation is a pioneer Social Security organization providing comprehensive social security benefits like reasonable Medical Care and a range of Cash Benefits in times of need such as employment injury, sickness, death, etc.

The ESI Act applies to premises/precincts where 10 or more persons are employed. The employees drawing wages up to Rs. 21,000/- a month are entitled to health insurance cover and other benefits, under the ESI Act. The Act now applies to over 8.98 lakh factories and establishments across the country, benefiting about 3.43 crores family units of workers. As of now, the total beneficiary’s population under ESI Scheme stands over 12.40 crores.

Ever since its inception in 1952, the ESI Corporation has, so far, set up 154 Hospitals, 1489/174 Dispensaries / ISM Units, 815 Branch/Pay Offices, and 63 Regional & Sub-Regional Offices.


About ESI (Employee State Insurance Plan)

Employee state insurance plan (ESI) is one of the most beneficial schemes for employees in India who earn less than Rs. 21000 per month in gross wage. Employees and their family members would be treated in ESIC facilities under the ESI programme.

In addition to treatment, the scheme provides numerous other benefits to members and their families. Here we shall learn about the ESIC advantages offered to the covered person’s family members.


Funeral Expenses Enhancement

The ESI Corporation has approved a proposal to increase the Funeral Expenses paid on the death of an insured person from the current Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-.

Aside from these, the meeting considered and approved roughly 35 other Agenda Items related to improving services/benefits to insured persons and other administrative matters.


Information to be included in Form 22 of the ESIC

The following information must be included on the ESIC funeral expense claim form:

Name of the insured person (deceased person)

Relationship name of the deceased person.

Date of death

Age of the deceased person.

ESIC IP number.

ESIC funeral benefit amount 15000 Rs (maximum).

Name and details of the claimant.

Age of the claimant.

Last worked job details.

Signature of the claimant.


How many members of your family are protected by ESI?

ESIC family members do not have a specific number. ESIC medical treatment is available to the family members of insured persons who do not have a source of income.

Dependant Unmarried Daughter Up to 25 Years

Minor Dependent Son Up to 25 Years

Dependant Infirm Son


Dependant Infirm Unmarried Daughter

Dependant Father

Dependant Mother

Minor Brother (When there are no parents)

Minor Sister (When there are no parents)


The attestation of any of the following persons is required on ESIC form 22

Workmen’s compensation commissioner.

Officer of revenue or judicial or magisterial departments.

Municipal commissioner.

Head of Gram Panchayat under the official seal of panchayat or MLA / MP.

Gazetted officer of state / central govt/member of the local committee / regional board

The claimant must provide his or her ESIC Pehchan card, as well as a funeral claim form, to their local ESIC branch office.


Funeral Expenses Claim Form 22

Funeral expense claim form ESIC form 22 is employed to claim funeral expenses for ESIC members who have passed away. Employee State Insurance Scheme allows dependents of deceased ESIC members to receive a sum of Rs 15000 for funeral expenses (W.E.F 1 March 2019). Within six months of the insured person’s death, family members must file a claim for ESI funeral expenses.

Furthermore, in order to receive funeral expenses spent by an insured person, a nominee and, in their absence, the eldest surviving member of the insured person’s family must submit a claim in the manner provided.

If the minor is under the age of 18, the guardian should sign the Claim Form on his or her behalf and then add the following below his or her signature.

You can learn how to fill out ESIC form 22 and see an example filling out ESIC form 22 here.

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