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Canada Unions raise slogans for “Good Jobs for a Sustainable Tomorrow “

Over the past years, the Global Consulting Market has booked year on year growth, although growth rates differ between the more mature markets and emerging economies. With a total value of around $250 billion, the Global Consulting Sector is one of the largest and most mature markets within the professional services industry.

Karma Global emerges on the scene as a leading consulting player offering a range of services for business transformation!

Karma Global’s Major Services include Regulatory Audit, Management Consulting, Strategy Consulting, Financial & Tech Advisory, Risk Advisory, and Legal including Staffing and Payroll Management Processes and Compliance.  In Canada, it is known as Karma Global Tech Management Inc. and in U.S.A. as Karma Global Tech Management LLC.


Canada Unions raise slogans for “Good Jobs for a Sustainable Tomorrow “ 

Government of Canada outlines …. An interim plan for 2023-2025 detailing concrete federal actions to advance economic prosperity and sustainable jobs in every region of the country

The foreword put forth by Canada’s Honourable Minister of Natural Resources; Minister of Labour and Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion is truly amazing.

It says … Workers are at the heart of Canada’s prosperity. It is workers who have built up the industries that create wealth in every region of this country, and it is workers who will continue to build up new industries, and generate prosperity from new markets.

The global economy is changing rapidly. That change will only continue to accelerate.

As investors increasingly prioritize assets that will contribute to a net-zero world future, global market opportunities worth trillions of dollars are at stake.

Canada has not only the natural resources needed. We have the skilled, hardworking people who continue to build prosperity, and we can do more to support that. Governments need to work with labour partners and industry to harness the opportunity that a net-zero future presents Canadian workers in every region of the country.

That work is well underway.

By committing to ongoing Sustainable Jobs Plans, we will partner with workers, industry, communities and regions across Canada to lead for decades to come – with sustainable jobs for them, their children, and future generations


Besides all of the above, the Canada Unions launch a campaign titled “A Future That Works” for creation of Good Jobs for A Sustainable Tomorrow.

Canada’s unions are joining forces to launch “A Future That Works,” a worker powered- plan to secure the jobs needed to tackle climate change head on and lead the way to a sustainable tomorrow.

Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress said, “Workers have the solutions and new ideas to tackle climate change. They know what needs to be done to make their jobs sustainable. It’s workers who will make the shift to a sustainable economy possible by creating sustainable energy, upgrading our buildings, bridges, and roads, and developing low-carbon transportation,” “Working people are the engine that powers Canada’s economy, with the right tools and opportunities they can tackle climate change head on.”

Bea Bruske further added, we are also calling for strong investments to create low-carbon jobs with the protection of a union card, and pathways into these jobs for women, Indigenous and racialized workers, and those in industries impacted by climate change. Comprehensive training initiatives, Employment Insurance (EI) and other financial assistance are also needed to ensure workers and their communities can remain resilient as Canada tackles climate change.

“Canada’s unions have a significant role in shaping the shift to a sustainable economy. They represent the interests of workers who are directly affected, including in the energy sector. We will be there every step of the way to press for safe work, fair wages and benefits, and social programs that benefit our communities,” and finally Bea Bruske, reiterating that “Together, we can create a future that works for all of us.”


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