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Debate and viewpoint on the 70-hour work week in India

Contents News/Article Date: 6th November 2023

Relating to which Act: The Indian Constitution grants the Central and state governments the powers to enact laws to protect the employees and foster a professional work environment. Based on the industry, nature of the work, number of employees in the company, location, and more, there are various legislations like the Industrial Disputes Act 1947 (ID Act), Factories Act 1948 (Factories Act), and Shops and Establishment Acts in relevant states (S&E Act).  

Applicable to which State: Acts and Rules are applicable to all States

Type: Article by Yajat Kumar on 70-hour work week in India

Pertains to: Establishments and Employees in India 

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And in this instance: The Shops and Establishments Act in India is enacted by each of the States and is regulated by the authorities as per the provisions contained in the Act, one of which is on daily and weekly hours in shops and establishments.

Daily and weekly hours of work in shops and commercial establishment. – (1) [Subject to the other provisions] of this Act, no employee shall be required or allowed to work in any shop or commercial establishment for more than nine hours in any day and forty-eight hours in any week.

The subject has stirred a hornet’s nest where an idea was thrown open that the working hours of an employee should be fixed seventy hours a week and thus the debate / opinion / views from different segment of the society.

Subject: Debate on the viewpoint share recently on the 70-hour work week in India


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