EPFO PROVIDENT FUND PROCESS  -  Procedural update for UAN and KYC
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EPFO PROVIDENT FUND PROCESS  –  Procedural update for UAN and KYC

  1. UAN is the Umbrella ID with 12 digits numeric to identify an EPF Member. It has Member’s personal details and KYC document data. If UAN is generated with Aadhar verified basic details then DUPLICATE UAN is not possible. So UAN is the same for an Individual EPF subscriber throughout his LIFETIME.


  1. Any Basic details change or KYC update done through a Member ID is applicable to all the Member IDs mapped to a UAN. If basic details and KYC in a UAN are not matching with Member ID details of the same UAN, the problem is in the EPFO office. EPF office has to update it without any Joint Request from Member & Employer.


  1. But EPF account number OR Member ID is different. It is unique for a Membership period related to Employment. If a person is employed in a Single establishment / Company more than one time, then he/she will have Different Member IDs for different Employment periods.


  1. All the financial transactions like the credit of Contribution, interest, transfer-in amount and debit of Withdrawals through claim are seen in Member IDs.


  1. So claims can only be filed against a Member ID not against a UAN even though it is done in the UAN portal.


  1. So detailed claim status and passbook can be seen against a Member ID in the Passbook portal only.


  1. Hence even a UAN that has multiple Member IDs, EPF amount, and EPS Service must be transferred one by one to the subsequent/present Employment Member IDs by applying in Transfer claims (Online or Offline). Only after ensuring credit of EPF amount and EPS contribution services in the present Member ID, any Full withdrawal claim must be filed in the present / latest Member ID.


8. Since each PF member ID is linked to one employment, once that employment is over and the PF account is settled that PF member ID cannot be used again for crediting EPF contributions of another employee in the same establishment.

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Courtesy: EPFO RO Tambaram on Facebook.


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