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Generative AI technology gets embedded into Corporate Legal work


Karma Global’s Alliance with A Leading Law Firm in India, Has Established Excellent Reputation for Its Integrity and Pragmatic Approach in Effectively Navigating Legal Entanglements Bothering Its Clientele!

Karma Global, besides its foray into specialized areas like staffing, on-boarding, payroll, curbing regulatory risk, auditing and abiding by all labour law related compliance, has joined hands with topmost Indian legal firm in order to further strengthen its enduring relationships with its over 500+ clients with cost effective and time bound solutions.

Generative AI technology gets embedded into Corporate Legal work 

AI technology is revolutionizing the way lawyers work, streamlining mundane tasks and providing more accurate and efficient solutions.

Thomson Reuters has leveraged AI technology to create new tools for corporate legal professionals, as well as the importance of data protection and ethical considerations when developing AI technology

In today’s context, let us examine the drivers of change and the client’s needs and expectations

  • Consumers across the market for legal services are increasingly seeking value for money and expecting lawyers to be competent users of technology.
  • Larger in-house practices are driving change, seeking greater value from external firms and reducing legal spend.


Casetext to join Thomson Reuters, ushering in a new era of legal technology innovation

Today, we are thrilled to announce the beginning of an incredible new phase for our team: we’ve entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Thomson Reuters for $650M, subject to certain customary regulatory reviews.

Our entire team will join Thomson Reuters, together accelerating the revolution in legal tech. We’ll be able to realize much sooner all the potential we see for our AI legal assistant, CoCounsel, whose resounding success has brought us to this point. Most important, we’ll advance more quickly and completely toward fulfilling our vision of using the power of AI to help more attorneys do more and better work for more clients—the key to increasing access to justice for everyone.


Shaping the future of legal work

As energized as we all are about the possibilities this deal opens for our work, we’re most excited for our customers. By uniting Casetext’s leading expertise applying AI to the practice of law with Thomson Reuters’ world-class legal content library and industry-wide reach and relationships, users of CoCounsel and our legacy research product will now have a resource that will revolutionize their work.


Thomas Reuters accelerating revolution in legal tech

Thomson Reuters is a leader in the field of generative AI integration for corporate legal professionals, with cutting-edge products that provide sophisticated automated document review, predictive analytics and research tools to help lawyers save time and money when doing their work.


The company’s work with Microsoft and Microsoft 365 Co pilot

The partnership between Thomson Reuters and Microsoft as part of the Co-pilot program has given rise to a cutting-edge AI-powered digital assistant called Microsoft 365 Co-pilot. This collaboration showcases Thomson Reuters’ extensive legal expertise, which has been instrumental in developing features such as automated document review, contract analysis, and compliance checks.’’


Privacy violations pose a threat to people’s lives

Organizations must also consider the ethical implications of their AI products and services before implementing them. This includes considering potential harms such as privacy violations or discrimination based on race or gender biases present in data sets used to train machine learning models. It is essential to understand how these products could impact people’s lives before releasing them into the wilds of production systems – mistakes can have costly consequences if not addressed early on in development processes.


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