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The Haryana Labour Welfare Fund Rules issued by the Haryana Labour Welfare Board

Contents News/Article Date: 27th June 2023

Relating to which Act: The Haryana (Punjab) Labour Welfare Fund Act 1965; The Haryana Labour Welfare Fund Rules

Penalty under the Act: Penalty for Non-Compliance: –

  1. a) Any person, who contravenes, first offence be fined upto Rs. 5,000/- but not less than Rs. 2,500/- for a second or subsequent offences the imprisonment for a term of three months, or with fine upto Rs. 10,000/- but not less than Rs. 3,000/- or with both.

Applicable to which State: Haryana State 

Type: Government of Haryana, Haryana Labour Welfare Board, Circular No. HLWB/REV/2023/2733/2982 dated 27th June 2023

Pertains to: All establishments in Haryana to whom the act is applicable

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And in this instance: Each employee shall contribute to the fund every month an amount equal to zero point two percent of his salary or wages or any remuneration subject to a limit of rupees thirty-one and each employer in respect of each such employee, provided that the limit specified above shall be indexed annually to the consumer price index beginning from first of January each year

Subject: The Haryana Labour Welfare Fund Rules issued by the Haryana Labour Welfare Board


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