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As per the recent information, the office of the District Industrial Safety and Health, Govt of Gujarat has launched a DISHA portal for the Daily update of their work /field visit report online.   Newsprint in Gujarathi dated 15/2/2022 is appended below.

The Factory inspector will visit by pre-schedule or by surprise visit anytime at your Factory premises and upload his/her visit report within two days on the DISHA portal.

In case the employer failed to show records, the inspector may file the case/take action against the factory occupier as per the provision of the Act.

So,  requested to update the following records immediately and be prepared for any surprise visit by the inspector;

1. Factory License

2. Factory Plan and Plan Approval letter

3. Stability Certificate

4. Attendance Register Form- 28#

5. Wage Register*

6. ID Card Register*

7. Lime Washing Register Form-7

8. Leave Register Form-18*

9. Leave Card Form-19*

10. Adult Workers Register Form-15*

11. Accident Register Form-29

12. Shift time notice Form-14

13. Abstract of the Model Standing Order

14. Abstract of the Factory Act Form 5

15. Visit Book for Factory Inspector

16. Testing Reports of Crain / Air Compressor / Any other

17. CAR – Consolidate Annual Return of the last year 2021

18. Health Checkup records

Other welfare amenities required as per the applicability like drinking water, locker room, urinal, toilet, washing, Fire fighting equipment, First Aid Box, lunchroom, canteen, OHC, Ambulance, welfare officer, Safety officer, Safety Audit, etc.

* If you have deployed Contractor, * star marked registers are also required from each contractor.

# Contractor’s Attendance register Form 16 or Form D

Please keep your records updated for 100% Compliance.

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