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Karma Keeps In-House Upskilling On Priority


Contents News/Article Date: 5th January 2023 

Relating to which Act: Identification of 11 HR trends expected to be shaping 2023 in the workplace. Some trends have been ongoing for a while now, but recent developments have accelerated them. Many are the result of drastic changes that organizations have had to make and, in some cases, are still facing.

Applicable to which State:  Managements of Establishments in various States – a lesson in learning 

Type: News report – India Today Web Desk 

Pertains to Management and stakeholders               

Relevance of this news:  Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an HR Oriented Organization and its expert staff keeps on playing the role of HR & compliance Managers for its various clients in shaping the client’s organizations to grow bigger.  The experts are an integral part of HR activities right from recruiting, inducting, training and development, performance assessment, grievance resolution, exit formalities, salary and wages, recognition, rewards and promotions, retention and finally maintaining a satisfactory level of employees.

In this instance, Karma Global has noted the predictions of 2023 that will bring a changed world of work. “Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort.” — Tom Coleman. Training and Development constitute an ongoing process in Karma Global where specific skills, abilities, and knowledge are imparted to most of the employees. Karma Global looks at these learning programs very seriously as most of the time, employees are called upon to exercise judgment and to choose alternative solutions to the job problem, as it is a very well-known fact that Training Programs seek to broaden and develop the individual’s mindset and behavior.

Training and Development are some of the main functions of Karma Global’s Human Resource Management Department since it helps to remove performance deficiencies in employees which are particularly true when deficiency is caused by a lack of ability rather than a lack of motivation to perform and this is where Karma Global lays emphasis on individuals involved in Training and Development, to have the aptitude and motivation to learn to do the job better by bringing out desired behaviors.

Subject: Karma Global Keeps In-House Upskilling On Priority


For greater details, appended below is the complete news item

Karma Keeps In-House Upskilling On Priority


Source: India Today Web Desk

The fear of recession is looming across the globe, resulting in the second wave of layoffs emerging in the world of business. The onset of the pandemic forced many talent managers to make tough calls and announce layoffs. This has resulted in businesses redesigning their workforce size and structure. As the uncertainty looms, businesses are interrupted by global market conditions and a massive technology wave sweeping across sectors.



The widespread adoption of technology across sectors has redefined the way people communicate, collaborate, and work. This brings technological breakthroughs in organizations and they indulge in layoff practices to replace human jobs with automation. According to the stats, over 859 tech companies have laid off more than 1 lakh employees globally in 2022.

With expedited digital transformation, many job roles will no longer be relevant in the coming months. On one hand, several companies have doubled their headcount to meet the burgeoning demand of ever-evolving consumer interests, while a majority of them have conducted massive layoff drives to cut down their expenses. Further, due to the harsh funding winter, start-ups are cash trapped and this could have a big dent in the ecosystem.

At this time, it becomes imperative for talent managers to work on robust planning for strategies to help their organizations avoid being a part of a second layoff as it could have long-term repercussions on the brand image.



Upskilling is a proven method of crossing the layoff wave successfully. Since the pandemic has brought disruptions in businesses, organizations across the world are moving towards automation, bringing the requirement of advanced skill sets. Amid the layoff wave, organizations can organize in-house upskilling programs for their employees to make them ready for future roles.

This will not only help organizations to capture profitable opportunities in the market but at the same will bring an upward curve in the employees’ career graph. Organizations that organize learning and upskilling sessions for employees at regular intervals always succeed in building a strong workforce.


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