Karma opens its doors wide for diversifying into Facility Management
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Karma opens its doors wide for diversifying into Facility Management services titled ‘SPACES’ – An Integrated Asset Management Enterprise.

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has always aimed for diversification on two counts viz.

(1) by expanding its business lines and

(2) by increasing the number of its automated tools.

Karma Global, in its 2 decades of steady fast growth, has always believed in chalking out its strategies before venturing into any ideal situation, be it the processes or operations or business deals or investments or diversification or mergers, etc.  In this instance also, it relied heavily on making a good strategy before putting its hands in the newly diversified business of facility management services.

For a very long time, the Chief Visionary Officer of this elite organization, Pratik Vaidya, toyed with the idea of having its own facility management setup but was never able to get down to the brass tacks since his business was majorly into evaluating the compliance status of vendor partners associated with the facility management organizations who were contracted for providing non-core services to the principal employers; and pondering on this took a lot of his time and effort, to get going with a tremendous load of current verticals on hand.

However, the bold pursuit of chasing dreams in business happens only when you have a sense of connection with your clients and also when you keep on nurturing ideas on how to improve your processes within your business lines, without the cycle of stress, fear, and tightness in your thoughts and actions.

Yes, Karma Management has now taken the initiative of adding another business line to its wings viz. under the style and title of “SPACES” (An Integrated Asset Management Enterprise). 

It has taken this bold and adventurous step to provide FM services to all clients in all sectors to meet their non-core activities such as soft services-hard services-FM audits/reports and support services.

What We Do

Soft Services           

Housekeeping!     Landscaping!    Waste Management!      Maintenance!     Pantry Services!      Facade Cleaning!       Pest Control!      Office Moves!      Building Security

Hard Services

Heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC)!      Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)!      Fire safety systems!       Building Repairs!       Elevator & Door Maintenance!        Generators!         Waste Water Management!       Remote Monitoring & Control!       Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Additional Services

  • FM Consultation!      EHS Audits!      Energy Audits!      Electrical Audits!       Green Initiatives!      Snag Audits & Reports!        Concierge Services!     WTP-STP Treatment & Solutions     !    Help Desk
  • Travel Management!      Visitor Management!      Special Projects!      Business Support Services


Reach us for more information.: +91-9223192906

Kush Modi – Marketing @ 9890398953 / Steffen – Spaces @ 9920252762 / Mail to : enquiry@karmamgmt.com.

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