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New Migrant Law calls for addressing a host of issues related to the insecurities!

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New Migrant Law calls for addressing a host of issues related to the insecurities!



Discussions on Kerala’s proposed new act on migrant labour resurfaced in the context of the heinous crime of rape and murder of a five-year-old Bihar girl committed by a migrant worker in Aluva.

However, there’s a need to address a host of issues related to the insecurities concerning the social, cultural and economic lifeworld of migrant workers, while also laying special emphasis on checking the tendencies of crime. A legal framework which enables social interventions and confidence-building measures to reduce violence and crime should direct the processes for creating a new legal regime.


Addressing Issues of Migrant Workers

  • Outdated Regulations: The existing Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act of 1979 is outdated and doesn’t cover most labour suppliers, leaving many workers unprotected and unregistered.
  • Invisibility of Workers: The law doesn’t account for contemporary labour arrangements, making it hard to determine the exact number of migrant workers and their rights.
  • Crime against Migrants: The law aims to address the increasing crimes against migrant workers in the State.


Need for Comprehensive Revisions

  • Inaccurate Data: Conflicting reports about the number of migrant workers in Kerala highlight the need for better data collection and management.
  • Portability of Rights: The proposed law must address the issue of statelessness when migrants move between states for work.
  • Decentralization: To ensure inclusivity, there should be a decentralization of governance, collaboration with local bodies, and transparency in resource allocation for migrant welfare.


Combating major Issues

  • Mob Violence and Stereotyping: Instances of mob violence against migrants are troubling. Stereotyping the entire migrant community based on isolated issues needs to stop.
  • Local Government Responsibility: Local self-government bodies should play a role in curbing hatred, fostering relations, and addressing health concerns of migrant workers.
  • Policy Reform: A new policy should bridge the gap in the outdated Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act, focusing on social security, mutual cooperation, and coordination among government departments for the well-being of migrant workers in Kerala.


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