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You may know that Karma  Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which has its Corporate Office at Santacruz, Mumbai, and can be contacted on the phone line (022) 42444444 is fully geared and equipped to deal with the impending institution of 4 Labour Codes.

New Wage Code: Salary, PF, gratuity, working hours & leaves of government employees are likely to be affected.

The New Wage Code could come into effect in October 2021 and this could bring significant changes to salary, leaves, working hours of government and other employees.

The new Wage Code is likely to come into force in October 2021 and this will bring significant changes to the lives of government employees and others. Earlier, the new Wage Code was due to be implemented on April 1, but due to the non-receipt of draft rules from the state governments, it was put on hold. Now, speculations are rife that the new Wage Code will come into effect in October 2021. It is being reported that all states will also prepare draft rules by October 2021.

Labour Department of Rajasthan has published via a notification on 14th July 2021 the draft rules of Code on Wages (Rajasthan) Rules, 2021 and has called for objection from the public giving 45 days to respond.

The Labour & Employment Department of Himachal Pradesh has published via a notification on 17th July 2021  the draft rules on the code of wages in supersession of the :

(i)                  The Himachal Pradesh Payment of Wages Rules, 1979

(ii)                The Himachal Pradesh Payment of Wages (Procedure) Rules, 1979

(iii)               The Himachal Pradesh Minimum Wages Rules, 1978, and

(iv)               The Himachal Pradesh Ease of Compliance to maintain Registers

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