Outsourcing, Payroll & Regulatory Compliance functions of Karma Global
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Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with its Corporate Office at Santacruz East, Mumbai, is proud and honoured on this momentous occasion of obtaining a landmark address at Kemp House, 152-150 City Road, London which will give Karma an opportunity of even coming closer to all its global clients in and around U.K. with that extra speed and agility , double the times than ever before.


Pratik Vaidya, Chief Vision Officer and M.D. of Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions who is currently in London for high level expansion talks on shared services and building bridges for taking its stable functions viz. outsourcing,  payroll and regulatory compliances to the topmost level, was enthralled with the business idea of reaching out to international clients only way back in April 2021.  Within less than a year, Karma has been able to tap and reach out to global clients  not only in the U.K. but further up to U.S., Canada as well.

Ever since the time , Pratik’s business idea changed over to full steam ahead, there has been no looking back.


Let us analyse and see how did  happened ?

All that made Karma Management to flourish was taking a calculative approach on adoption of 3 P’s.  Karma viewed this with a different lens by aligning the 3 P’s of  (a) passion (b) profit and (c) purpose


Speaking about passion, and how to arouse our passion for our work and in our work, all we need to do is to ask 2 simple questions, what we love to do everyday and what we are good at.  Does it mean that based on the answers to these two questions, will we know about our passion, For the answer to be yes, we need to look deeply at the intersection of these two areas and this is where the passion resides.


Coming to profit, Karma Management does not look at higher returns or higher returns on investments only.  Karma management looks at profits with just two underlying themes :  (a) to provide customer experience and value to our products and services and (b) secondly to view profits as fuel to enhance and grow the business. 


The third aspect of P i.e. “purpose” , it is about doing what matters most to you and others.  What’s in it for the community, what’s in it for the clients, what’s in it for the stakeholders, what’s in it for the employees , what’s in it for the legislators and leaders, and how it will impact each one of them.  This then becomes the purpose of the business flourishing in any part of the world .


Coming to our businesses of outsourcing, payroll and regulatory compliances, Karma Management Global  Consulting Solutions has been for nearly two decades in offering these services to a vast number of clients and the testimonials are an accepted fact of the kind of relationships that the clients share with Karma Management , endured over the years, only because of one underlying factor and that is “tech enabled excellent and expert services” with “timely results and delivery”


The 3 pillars or 3 axles on which Karma Management’s outsourcing business runs is its (a) resource capabilities (b) organizational structure  and (c) performance quality.


There have been constant changes in the market environment, client environment, tech environment , legislative environment, and these do offer at times uncertainties and unexpected tendencies.  However, Karma Management has been able to constantly overcome challenges due to its sheer knowledge and expertise in providing world class customized solutions for every problem encountered.  Karma as an able and determined service provider keeps on establishing  a fit between its  outsourcing capabilities and our clients  organizational structures and expectations and makes it  less susceptible to problems resulting from unexpected change in any types of changing  environment.


Karma Management goes with the following outsourcing framework model which has gone well with all our clients where over 6000 employees have been outsourced in different industries right from BPO, IT/ITES/ , Hospitality, Facilities, Manufacturing, etc.

 Please get connected with our Marketing / Sales Department located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent outsourcing  services or as we call it Global workforce contingent management.


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