Pratik Vaidya, CVO & MD of Karma participating with Advantage Austria
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Pratik Vaidya, CVO & MD of Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd participating along with Advantage Austria and brainstorming on the ecosystem of Startups in Salzburg, Austria


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA has around 100 offices in over 70 countries, and provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners of which Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Private Limited is one of them.

Pratik VaidyaThey have about  800 employees  around the world and Karma Global Tech Management Firm has about 300 direct and indirect staff , specializing in the service sector field and offering a plethora of HR Compliance services including payroll, to many global  suppliers and business partners. 

The work of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices ranges  from introductions to Austrian companies looking for importers, exporters, distributors or agents in many fields including assistance in entering the Austrian market.

Karma Global Tech Management Firm has seized many of the business opportunities that have come about owingPratik Vaidya to its inherent strength of being over 4 decades in this compliance industry and having the thorough knowledge and expertise to execute these services in an efficient manner.

Pratik Vaidya, CVO & MD of Karma Global Tech Management Firm, is extremely happy with the kind of Exhibitions, lectures, presentations and much more such events, that has given abundant  opportunity for Karma Global, to get to know many Global clients including those in Austria which has not only increased our  networking but has given  lot of insights about the market, goods and services across Austria and around the globe.

Thank You Advantage Austria for this splendid opportunity given to Pratik Vaidya.

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