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Puducherry – Labour – Hot Weather Season – Preparatory Measures to Minimize Report Heat-Wave


Contents News/Article  Date : 12th May  2023

Relating to which  Act : The Factories Act, 1948 and Shops & Establishments Acts 

Penalty under the Act: Section 96A of the Factories Act, 1948 defines the penalty for the contravention of certain provisions, such as Sections 41B, 41C, and 41H. Anyone who disobeys or violates any of the rules or the provisions of Sections 41B, 41C, or 41H will be sentenced to 7 years in prison and a fine of Rs. 2,00,000.

Applicable to which State : Puducherry

Type : Government of Puducherry, Labour Department, Circular No. 2130 / LAB / AIL / G / 2023  / 535 issued by Deputy Labour Commissioner

Pertains to : All stakeholders  viz. Employers / Occupiers / Owners / Managers  of Factories / Industrial Establishments , Shops and other Commercial Establishments / Industrial & Construction associations / workers / Workers Unions                                                                

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And in the current instance: The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India through the reference cited above, has directed the state Government to take steps for management and mitigation of adverse effects of extreme hot weather.

Accordingly, it was directed that the following instructions / directions as informed by Ministry of Labour  Employment, Government of India, are issued to the occupiers / employers / construction companies / industries:-

  1. a) Re-scheduling of working hours for employees/workers in different sectors,
  2. b) Ensuring necessary arrangements to regulate piece rate and requirement / urgency for undertaking physical work during summer,
  3. c) Ensuring adequate drinking water facilities at work places,
  4. d) Making provision for emergency ice packs and heat illness prevention material to construction workers,
  5. e) Coordinating with Health Department to ensure regular health check-up of the workers, ~
  6. f) Ensuring adherence to Health Advisory issued by Ministry of Heath Family Welfare for Employers and Workers.
  7. g) It is further mentioned that special attention also needs to be paid to construction workers, and brick kiln workers. For awareness of daily wage/casual workers, information dissemination in respect of above guidelines may also be undertaken at the Market place/ Bazaars etc.

Subject : Puducherry – Labour – Hot Weather Season – Preparatory Measures to Minimize Report Heat-Wave –


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