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Karma Global leverages completely on AI to get a competitive edge for structured processes in payroll & compliance management! 

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top 5 consultancy firms, established in the year 2004, with headquarters in the business district of Santacruz East, Mumbai, India, and full-scale operation in all the States, having about 200 direct and indirect staff on its roll, is a leading service provider for payroll and payroll compliances, outsourcing, facility services, HR services, Training & Development, Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, Legal and Para legal services, Disputes and Litigation Handling,  Inspection Management and Liaising, Advisory Services, Social, Environment and Vendor Audits, Regulatory Compliances, and Governance.

Compliance with labour and employment laws has become one of the most important issues that many establishments in India have to deal with. Many employment disputes result in litigation and take a prolonged time for effective conclusions.  Karma  Global is an Indian HR, Payroll, and Compliance  Firm advising clients worldwide on local, regional, and global regulatory compliances in relation to their business goals, business strategies, and resolving disputes. 

It gives valuable suggestions and advice to Corporates, Investors, Institutions,  Contractors,  Establishments, Industries, etc. on the need for lowering employment risk across all levels and adhering to the laws of the land. It has a lot of expertise on employment-related compliance issues, as well as day-to-day support for Human Resource Services with in-house Counsels. 

Karma Global is also into employment agreements and policies, structuring of compensation and benefits, employment aspects of merger and takeover, etc.  

Karma Global’s force,  strength, and reach have brought in tremendous change over from its earlier image of being a consultancy firm in the period of 2000 to now embarking on setting strategies and practices abroad in highly regulated markets and competing in the global arena.   

With India overtaking the UK to emerge as the fifth largest economy in the world and setting to become the third largest by 2029, Karma Global  is poised for long-term value in terms of clients outreach and giving state-of-the-art technology and excellent services to global clients better than ever before, 

Rajasthan Budget: Gehlot announces Rs 200-crore welfare fund, measures to protect gig workers

Enactment of Gig Workers Welfare Act with 200 crores in the welfare bag?

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday announced the enactment of the Gig Workers Welfare Act, the establishment of a board, and a welfare fund of Rs 200 crore in his government’s Budget for 2023-24.

He said gig workers work with companies like Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, and others, and their numbers are increasing.

The scope of the gig economy is increasing and the number of gig workers has increased to 3-4 lakh in the state, Gehlot said, adding that till now, there was no arrangement of social security for them.

“To protect them from harassment, I propose to bring the Gig Workers Welfare Act, under which, along with the formation of the Gig Workers Welfare Board, a Gig Workers Welfare Fund will be established with Rs 200 crore,” the chief minister said in his Budget speech.


A highlight of 2022 was the release of a report on the gig and platform economy by India’s NITI Aayog. The report aimed to understand the economic and job creation potential of the gig and platform economy, estimate its size and identify its demand across various industries, and examine the opportunities and challenges it offered workers. The report talks of the  rapidly burgeoning gig workforce that is ushering in a new economic revolution globally with India as the new frontier of this revolution” 

Urban Company gets a top score on Fairwork India Ratings 2022

The recently released Fairwork India Ratings 2022 found that Ola, Uber, and Dunzo were the worst performers on the gig workers’ index

Urban Company topped the annual Fairwork India Ratings 2022 by scoring 7 on a scale of 10, which measures the work conditions of gig workers at respective companies. On the other hand, companies like Uber, Pharmeasy, Ola, Dunzo, and Amazon Flex scored zero points.

The report scores platforms against five principles: Fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation. 

To arrive at these rankings, Fairwork conducted a combination of desk research and worker interviews in Bangalore, Delhi, and Kochi, and where possible, used evidence provided by the platforms.

The Fairwork India Ratings 2022 scored 12 platforms, including Amazon Flex, BigBasket, Dunzo, Flipkart, Ola, PharmEasy, Porter, Swiggy, Uber, Urban Company, Zepto, and Zomato. 

Defining flexibility

“The promise of the flexibility of the digital platform raises as many questions about livelihoods as it offers opportunities. It is hoped that the Fairwork report provides the basis for an interpretation of flexibility that allows for not merely the adaptability that platforms seek, but also the income and social security that workers lack”, said the researchers.

Compared to 2021, last year’s top scorer, Flipkart, dropped to third position as its score fell by 2 points (5/10) this year. Whereas, BigBasket has gained two points to score 6/10 in 2022. Similarly, Swiggy and Zomato have also one point each to score 5 and 4 respectively.

Defining flexibility


The Indian Federation of App-Based Transport workers (IFAT) hailed the Gehlot government’s announcement of a welfare board for gig workers.

“IFAT believes that this is a monumental moment not only for gig workers but for entire informal sector workers and industries both. These efforts will go a long way in solving many unanswered and complex questions of the informal economy where over 94%/50 Crores of India’s total workforce are employed,” the union said in a statement.

It also urged the Centre to set up the National Gig Workers’ Board.

 The Centre had in 2020 formulated the Code on Social Security, which envisages the framing of suitable social security schemes for gig workers and platform workers on matters relating to life and disability cover, accident insurance, health and maternity benefits, old age protection, etc.
However, these provisions under the Code have not come into force yet.

Concerns over working conditions

Concerns have been raised over the working conditions of gig workers as their participation in the labour force grows..

Karma Global is a fully homegrown successful Outsourcing and Labour Laws Organization, operating both with contract employees as well as with permanent types of employees who are placed in numerous locations of global and domestic clients.

Karma  Global has traditionally been a dynamic Regulatory Compliance driven organization with an integrated and upto-the mark approach to HR Services.

Karma has always set its sights on keeping a tab and interpreting the regulatory changes in the manner required by authorities with a focus on the implementation of these new rules coupled with the adeptness to sophisticated technology, which has placed them in the top 5 consulting organizations today as far as HR Service Organization is concerned.

Karma Global’s experts sitting in various offices and catering to over 500 clients are fully intertwined with the workflow and processes that are leading most of its clients to convert their value drivers into the transformation of their businesses and objectives for effective results.

Karma Management’s technology securely integrates regulatory compliance across all types of businesses from trading to operations to investor services to financials and banks while also providing the clients access to these technologies with the power to control process operations with a dashboard and ready updates on the workflows done monthly and timely as per stipulated dates set by the authorities.

The greatest satisfaction comes from the outflow of communication to clients for future reviews and analysis of the monthly work done with data visualization tools that surface their activities done by the professional teams of Karma in its Corporate Headquarters in Mumbai and Branch Offices in Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Gurgaon, Gujarat, Pune, etc. 

Proprietary blog of Karma Management Global Tech Firm

This blog has been collated and compiled by the internal staff of Karma Global  with the knowledge and expertise that they possess,  besides adaptation, illustration, derivation, transformation, collection as well as auto-generation from various sources, for its monthly newsletter Issue 09  of  March  2023 and in case of specific or general information or compliance updates for that matter, kindly reach out to the Marketing Team – Kush@karmamgmt.com / yashika@karmamgmt.com


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