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Some of the Prominent Case Citations for PF Capturing the Main Headers

  • Any person appointed directly or indirectly for wages will be covered by the Provident fund.
    Capital Dyeing Company vs. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Ludhiana, 2017 LLR 39 (P&H HC)
  • Principal Employer liable if the contractor fails to remit EPF contributions.
    M/s. R. K. Trading Co. (India) & Others vs. Union of India and Others, 2017 LLR 63 (Cal. HC)
  • The international worker was not coverable beyond 58 years.
    M/s. Malcolm John Campbell vs. The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner and Anr., 2020 LLR 1023 (Del. HC)
  • The principal employer has to provide the correct address of the contractor to the EPF Authority.
    The Commissioner, Udumalpet Municipality, Udumalpet vs. The Assistant Provident Commissioner, Coimbatore, 2020 LLR 197 (Mad. HC)
  • An employer is not liable to deposit EPF dues when wages were not paid during the closure period.
    M/s. Ballarpur Industries Ltd. vs. Employees Provident Fund Appellate Tribunal & Ors. 2020 LLR 199 (Ori. HC)
  • EPFO Authority must avoid attachment of bank accounts of the employer before disposal of objections raised by the employer.
    HI-CARE Gloves Pvt. Ltd. vs. The Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner & Others, 2020 LLR 189 (Ker. HC)
  • A liability fixed by EPF Authority on the employer without any notice or opportunity is not sustainable
    M/s. Awadh Trading Corporation vs. Union of India and others 2017 LLR 87 (All. HC)

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