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 Stakeholder definition for Karma


Stakeholders – Clients and Vendors


Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been known to reach out to its stakeholders in its journey of over 18 years, more so much as a compliance-driven organization.             

In professional business, a lot of value statements are made as far as general ethics and principles are concerned but in the case of Karma, when it comes to key stakeholders who have withstood the test of time in its long-lasting relationship, to them Karma means an Organization holding compliance-based business ethics having rules attached to them, both by law and by its own guiding principles.

In its endeavor to reach out to its stakeholders, Karma defines itself as a pillar of both compliance and values and the result of both these put together can be said to be INTEGRITY. 

This is the reason why it uses the tag line in all its official communication as “Enhancing HR & Compliance with efficiency”. 

Thus, Karma in its conformance to regulations, takes a professional and credible approach in keeping all its engagements with stakeholders, by practicing tactical transparency with adequate space for stakeholders to participate and question any of its works in the manner the output and results have been produced to them in its service delivery.

The stakeholders are constantly updated with the knowledge of recent updates, weekly tags, monthly newsletters, seminars, forums, conventions, conferences, personal meetings, code of conduct, policies, practices, and the technological transformation that takes place which is an ongoing process on data stored and accessed that concerns its people, the processes, the technology, logins to clients and availability of our excellent work on their screens.

Karma’s assurance to its stakeholders has always been to set expectations by instilling a sense of trust and confidence in the service that they render for its esteemed stakeholders aimed at protecting them from liabilities, obligations, and provisions with zero-risk operations.  Thus safeguarding the stakeholders from unknowingly committing breaches and keeping them at bay from the fear of fines, penalties, and prosecution.

Therefore, to summarize, Karma in the eyes of the stakeholders in the total encompassing compliance-based ethics and value-based ethics.

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