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Starbucks Workers United filed more than 30 charges alleging unfair labour practices committed by Starbucks at 21 Stores in the Buffalo, New York area.

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Labour Judge Says Hundreds of Times Starbucks Violated Workers’ Rights!
Starbucks Workers United filed more than 30 charges alleging unfair labour practices committed by Starbucks at 21 Stores in the Buffalo, New York area.  


A federal labour judge has ordered Starbucks to reinstate seven fired workers after finding that the company violated labour laws “hundreds of times” during a unionization campaign in Buffalo, New York

The decision issued late Wednesday by Administrative Law Judge Michael Rosas of the National Labour Relations Board requires Starbucks to post a 13-page notice listing its labour violations and workers’ rights in all U.S. stores.

The order also requires Starbucks’ interim CEO Howard Schultz to read or be present at a reading of employees’ rights and distribute a recording of the reading to all of Starbucks’ U.S. employees.

Rosas cited Starbucks’ “egregious and widespread misconduct” in his 200-page decision, which consolidated 35 unfair labour practice complaints at 21 Buffalo-area stores filed by Starbucks Workers United, the labour union organizing Starbucks’ stores. Rosas found that Starbucks had threatened employees, spied on them, and more strictly enforced dress codes and other policies.

The order requires Starbucks to reinstate seven workers who were fired for their union activity and provide financial restitution for 27 other workers for violations like refusing to grant time off. It also requires Starbucks to bargain with the union at multiple stores and reopen a location in Cheektowaga, New York, that was closed amid significant union activity.


What the employer Starbucks has to say ………………!

Starbucks said it believes the decision and the remedies ordered are inappropriate and is considering its legal options. The parties in the case have until March 28 to file an appeal to the full National Labour Relations Board.

Starbucks said the individuals in the case were fired for clear violations of the company’s policies, and not because of union activities.


What are the feelings of the Union and the Workers………………?

Union supporters were elated with the ruling, saying it will help energize their campaign.

“This decision results from months of tireless organizing by workers in cafes across the country demanding better working conditions in the face of historical, monumental, and now deemed illegal union-busting,” said Michelle Eisen, a Starbucks barista and union organizer in Buffalo.

Eisen’s store voted to unionize in late 2021, the first Starbucks in decades to take that step. At least 289 of Starbucks’ 9,000 company-owned U.S. stores have voted to unionize since then.

Workers are seeking better pay, improved training, and more consistent schedules, among other things. The company says it already provides industry-leading benefits and believes its stores function best when it works directly with employees.


CONCLUSION – On the one hand, employers grapple with unprecedented labour activity, on the other hand, regional workers and unions flex their collective bargaining strength and where does this lead to ….? 

In December 2021, a Buffalo, New York, store became the first Starbucks to unionize, sparking a flurry of elections across the coffee chain’s thousands of locations. At least 286 stores have since voted to unionize, including 20 cafes in the corporation’s home state of Washington.

While stores are organizing and voting individually, the union wants to include workers from across the country on its virtual bargaining committee to adopt an initial contract that could consistently spell out what benefits workers would receive if their store is unionized.

The coffee giant showed “a general disregard for the employees’ fundamental rights,” the judge wrote.

Starbucks Workers United filed more than 30 charges alleging unfair labour practices committed by Starbucks at 21 stores in the Buffalo, New York area.

The judge found that Starbucks retaliated against employees affiliated with the union when they began a union drive in 2021.

Since then, 268 of the nearly 9,000 company-owned stores in the U.S. have voted to unionize.

The order comes the same day Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said the Senate Health, Education, Labour, and Pensions committee will vote to subpoena Schultz to testify about the company’s “lack of compliance with labour laws.”

The National Labour Relations Board has lodged 77 complaints against the company since around 2019 for unfair practices — possibly the most complaints filed by the board against a company in recent history.

Starbucks has aggressively tried to fend off unionization, though the company has denied violating labour law and assertions about anti-union activity.


What’s next: The parties have until March 28 to file an appeal.

Karma Global while dealing with all such issues and cases, always takes the approach to acting trust-worthily and be compliant with the laws of the land.

Karma Global always advises its clients to be on the right side of the law and to abide by the same.  In this respect, it offers a plethora of excellent services in terms of documentation compliance and validity of licenses for running the business and also supports establishments and union afflicted workers to take a just stand on issues, in the company’s interest and not on trivial grounds just for the sake of it, to show the level of aggression. 

Respect for all fundamental principles and rights at work (FPRW), including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, is an essential foundation of the ILO and key to successful policy and decision-making. As the world of work is changing at an ever-increasing pace, strong, influential, and inclusive social dialogue is, and will be, a key vehicle to shape the world of work that we want.

Our deep, country-by-country knowledge, expressed through a 250-strong network of local offices, makes light work of the most intricate local and global reporting obligations.


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