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Top tech companies with highest number of employees in the world

Contents News/Article Date: 1st October   2023

Relating to which Act: 

(1)   Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023

(2)   Information Technology Act 2000;

(3)    Information Technology Amendment act 2008;

Penalty under the Act: The schedule to the Bill specifies penalties for various offences such as up to: (i) Rs 200 crore for non-fulfilment of obligations for children, and (ii) Rs 250 crore for failure to take security measures to prevent data breaches. Penalties will be imposed by the Board after conducting an inquiry.

Applicable to which State: Whole of India

Type: Tech Gig news report

Pertains to: Global Tech Community

Relevance of this news: Karma Global   is in the business of HR Services, Payroll, Outsourcing and Regulatory Compliances right from its inception in 2004 and since then, has brought in a lot of efficiencies and technological upgradations with experts on its roll, to ease the hassles of Payroll Processing, Temp Staffing, On-boarding, Employee Life Cycle, Statutory, Regulatory and Payroll compliances by providing customized solutions to all its elite clients.

Karma Global has set up its offices in UK, USA, UAE, Canada and South East Asia and is fully into providing solutions for workplace issues, employment law advice, immigration and negotiation, representation in employment tribunals and involvement in leading cases, addressing HR issues in line with Labour Laws, payroll, staffing and talent acquisition.

And in the current instance: Technology companies with the highest number of employees in the world are formidable giants in the global corporate landscape. This article lists the companies that have the highest number of employees in the world.

It is true that Karma Global has serviced some of the top tech companies in the world in terms of vendor or contractors audits on PAN India basis to keep these businesses very low on risks as far as contractors are concerned who are servicing these tech giants for non-core activities and are required to be complainant as far as the Indian laws are concerned.

Subject: Top tech companies with highest number of employees in the world

Appended is the complete news item


Karma Global Has Been Servicing Some of the Big Tech Companies in Terms of Vendor or Contractors Audit and Some of These Tech Companies Serviced in The Past and Present, By Karma Global Are

(1) Accenture

(2) Teleperformance

(3) Cognizant

(4) IBM

(5) Microsoft.


Top Tech Companies with Highest Number of Employees in The World


Technology companies with the highest number of employees in the world are formidable giants in the global corporate landscape. This article lists the companies that have the highest number of employees in the world.

Here are the top tech companies in terms of employee strength.

Amazon: 1,461,000
Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud division, tops the list with approximately 1,461,000 employees across all of its divisions.

Foxconn: 826,608
In second place is iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, which employs 826,608 people worldwide.

Accenture: 738,000
There are approximately 738,000 employees at IT consultancy giant Accenture.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): 614,795
The first Indian company on the list is Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). India’s largest IT company has 6 lakh-plus employees worldwide.

Teleperformance: 410,000
France-based Teleperformance has 410 K+ employees worldwide. It is a global digital business services company.

Cognizant: 351,500
US-based Cognizant is next on the list with approximately 351,500 employees

Infosys: 300,000
Infosys, a prominent Indian IT powerhouse, ranks as one of the largest employers in the global technology sector. This consulting and IT services firm boasts a workforce exceeding 336,000 employees on a worldwide scale.

Siemens: 316,000
The company has approximately 3 lakh-plus employees across 190 locations worldwide.

IBM: 288,300
In 2022, IBM had a global workforce of approximately 288,000 individuals. This marked an apparent uptick of more than 8,000 employees compared to the previous year. However, it still stood significantly lower than its staffing levels from nearly a decade ago, when the company’s workforce exceeded 400,000.

Microsoft: 221,000
Software giant Microsoft employs approximately 221,000 people in full-time positions worldwide. Around 60 percent of Microsoft’s employees are located in its home country, the United States.



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