Trade unions urge Centre to scrap four labour codes - 28th Oct,22
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Trade unions urge Centre to scrap four labour codes, convene a conference


Contents News/Article Date28th October 2022

Relating to which Act: The 4 Labour Codes

Type:   News item – Joint letter of the Trade Unions – Centre of Indian Trade Unions to Union Labour Minister,

Pertains to    Employers and Employees and all relative stakeholders           

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 There has been back and forth as far as Indian Trade Unions are concerned on issues relating to the implementation of labour codes while the employers have been pro labour codes, supporting the Government on the enforcement in view of the much-needed reforms required for ease of doing business and boosting the economy.  However, the Unions have been upfront signaling and taking up cudgels, contradictory to the implementation of the codes.

 In this instance, the Trade Unions have urged the Government to scrap the codes thereby putting pressure to delay the implementation which the Government and all related stakeholders are eager to enforce the rules uniformly across all the States.

We now wait to see further developments on this front.

Subject  – Trade unions urge Centre to scrap four labour codes, convene the conference


For greater details, appended below is the complete news item


Trade unions urge Centre to scrap four labour codes, convene a conference

Write to labour minister Bhupender Yadav stating that the codes curtail the rights and protective provisions contained in existing statutes, impose more derogatory working conditions on workers

Business Standard 
Last Updated on October 28, 2022, 19:52 IST

Ten central trade unions, barring the RSS-affiliated Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), have urged the Union government to scrap the four labour codes, as they curtail the rights and protective provisions contained in the existing statutes among other things, in a joint letter to the Union Labour Minister Bhupender Yadav on Friday.

“The Labour Codes impose more derogatory working conditions on the workers and almost open-endedly empower the Govts and employers to further curtail labour rights and benefits arbitrarily at their whims and fancies. Suspension of labour laws by certain State Governments has not shown any economic gains either”, the letter says.

Besides, the central unions also urged the government to convene the tripartite Indian Labour Conference (ILC) consisting of the representatives of the government, employers, and employees at the earliest, as the last ILC – i.e., the 46th session of the forum was last held in July 2015.

“ILC has not been held during the last seven years, although it is binding on the Government to hold it at least once every year. We urge you (minister) to ensure that it is convened at the earliest”, the letter reads.

Besides, the unions have also sought the government’s intervention on the issue of raising the minimum pension under the Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995, and put in place a universal pension scheme for the unorganized sector as the contributory New Pension Scheme has failed to ensure the pension rights of the unorganized sector.

The decision to draw the government’s attention towards stopping the move to privatize the public sector undertakings and scrapping of the national monetization pipeline scheme among other things was taken at the meeting of the joint platform of trade unions and independent federations and associations held last month in the capital.

Tapan Sen, the general secretary, of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), told Business Standard, “Earlier, all the central trade unions in one to one meeting have reiterated these demands to the government and we urge the minister to take action on the issues drawn in the joint letter.”


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