U.S. Environmental gets a facelift from 22 toxic waste sites
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Karma Management has now become Karma Global which was incorporated in the year 2004, having now completed almost 18 years of its existence.

As late as April 2021, Karma Management took a very bold step of venturing into foreign shores in terms of shoving up its business prospects in countries like the US, the UK, UAE, Canada, the Philippines, and South  East Asia.

It has already made its mark in terms of providing excellent services in the areas of payroll, outsourcing, recruitment, talent acquisition, facility management services, and regulatory compliances including immigration, negotiations, and employment contracts in these foreign countries as well.  

In fact, the CVO and MD, Pratik Vaidya of Karma Global were selected by SME Forum last year to lead a Select US Summit where he took along a delegation of hundreds of SME Members for business discussions with the authorities in the States as well as with the entrepreneurs and Innovators of many countries who were present in this forum.

Soon thereafter, Pratik Vaidya, CVO & MD of Karma Global went on a Europe tour, participating along with Advantage Austria and brainstorming on the ecosystem of Startups in Salzburg, Austria

Karma Global thus entails the compliance of international clients in keeping with the global scenario,  thereby undertaking a noteworthy mission of guiding clients through a spider’s web of legislation so that clients are able to stay on the right side of the ever-changing laws, especially if, it keeps an update on what is happening around the world as far as people,  wages, work,  benefits, employment contracts, negotiation, and unions are concerned.

Karma Global’s decades of experience in making sure that clients are compliant with all types of changing legislation offers unique support to mitigate risk and grasp technological solutions with a combination of expertise. 

Biden-Harris Administration Announces Additional $1B in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funds to Start New Cleanup Projects and Expedite On-going Cleanup Work Across the Country

In 1980, Congress passed the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, known as Superfund. The law gave EPA the authority and funds to hold polluters accountable for cleaning up the most contaminated sites across the country. When no viable responsible party is found or cannot afford the cleanup, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  steps in to address risks to human health and the environment using funds appropriated by Congress, like the funding provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Twenty-two new sites will benefit from $1 billion in funding from a program designed to remediate hazardous waste sites, such as landfills, mines, and manufacturing facilities :

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced last week a $ 1 billion investment toward cleaning up 22 of the country’s neglected Superfund sites — contaminated areas like landfills, factories, and mines that have been left behind by big polluters.

The Biden administration’s latest announcement is part of an effort to clear that backlog using $3.5 billion appropriated by the bipartisan infrastructure law. The first chunk of funding from the law was announced in December 2021, when the EPA said it would put an initial $1 billion toward cleaning up 49 sites nationwide.

 Cleaning landfills from hazardous waste

The latest funding is expected to kickstart cleanup projects at an additional 22 Superfund sites, as well as provide continued support for 100 projects that are ongoing. The newly funded remediation projects stretch across 14 States and Puerto Rico, and include addressing chemical sludge from a dye manufacturer’s dump site in Ashland, Massachusetts; mitigating mining-related mercury and arsenic pollution in the Carson River in Nevada; and removing radioactive materials across 16 industrial areas in LaSalle County, Illinois.

Statement by EPA Administrator Michael Regan : 

We’re continuing to build on this momentum to ensure that communities living near many of the most serious uncontrolled or abandoned releases of contamination finally get the investments and protections they deserve,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan was quoted as saying in a statement.

Statement by Sen. Raphael Warnock

The cleanup money “couldn’t come soon enough,” Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., said on a conference call Friday with Regan and other officials. “This accelerated timeline would not be possible without this historic investment.” 

Statement by Rep. Kathy Castor 

Similarly, a project in Tampa was identified as a Superfund site in 1999 but remains contaminated, said Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla. The site is near where she and her husband got married, Castor said. In an apparent nod to Warnock’s status as a pastor, Castor said that while “it’s important to have faith, there’s nothing like having resources” to clean up pollution.

 Cleaning landfills from hazardous waste

According to the EPA, 60% of the new cleanup sites that have been identified using the EPA’s EJSCREEN mapping tool are in low-income or minority communities that are chronically over-polluted. Some of the areas that will benefit from the funding include a water contamination site in Indiana that needs cleaning up, an old General Motors foundry in New York state, and a landfill in Virginia.

Reusing abandoned land

Also, a project to remediate lead across a residential neighborhood in the Atlanta area with a legacy of pollution will get about $50 million in funding after the area had waited for years to access federal funds.

The EPA started 81 new cleanup projects last year, including projects at 44 sites on the Superfund backlog list, with the funding available through the infrastructure bill. The agency also added 12 sites last fall to the Superfund National Priorities List, a special designation under the program for deeply contaminated sites.

With remediation, the sites can be turned into parks, green spaces, office parks, or warehouses.

CONCLUSION – BIDEN TAKES A GREAT STEP FOR RESTORATION  – clean up the money put to  good use   

ACCELERATION OF CLEAN-UP OF SOME PART OF MOTHER EARTH:    For decades, there was a lot of talk and plans but very little progress. It was slow. That changes today,” Biden said. “Today we’re announcing an investment of $1 billion that is going to allow the most significant restoration of the Great Lakes in the history of the Great Lakes. We’re going to accelerate cleanup of sites across six states in the Great Lakes Basin from Duluth, Minnesota to Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Gary, Indiana, Buffalo, New York, and everywhere in between.”

Indiana’s single area of concern, the Grand Calumet River AOC  contains parts of Gary, East Chicago, Hammond, and Whiting, cities with predominate minority and low-income populations. The area of concern also extends more than a mile into Lake Michigan.

Karma Global while dealing with all such issues and cases, always takes the approach to act trust-worthily and be compliant with the laws of the land. 

Karma Global always advises its clients to be on the right side of the law and to abide by the same.  In this respect, it offers a plethora of excellent services in terms of documentation compliance and validity of licenses for running the business and also supports establishments and union afflicted workers to take a just stand on issues, in the company’s interest and not on trivial grounds just for the sake of it, to show the level of aggression.  

Respect for all fundamental principles and rights at work (FPRW), including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, is an essential foundation of the ILO and key to successful policy and decision-making. As the world of work is changing at an ever-increasing pace, strong, influential, and inclusive social dialogue is, and will be, a key vehicle to shape the world of work that we want.

Our deep, country-by-country knowledge, expressed through a 250-strong network of local offices, makes light work of the most intricate local and global reporting obligations.

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This blog has been collated and compiled by the internal staff of Karma Management with the knowledge and expertise that they possess,  besides adaptation, illustration, derivation, transformation, and collection from various sources, for its monthly newsletter Issue 09  of  March  2023 and in case of specific or general information or compliance updates for that matter, kindly reach out to the Marketing Team –Kush@karmamgmt.com / yashika@karmamgmt.com

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