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Pune: Woman Alleges Company Demoted Her Post Maternity Break and Denied Gratuity, FIR Registered


Contents News/Article Date:  17th November 2022

Relating to which Act: The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 and The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017

Applicable to which State:   Act and Rules are applicable to all States

Type: Newspaper Item featured in Pune Newspaper, 

Pertains to Establishments and Employees and in this particular instance, the establishment is XDBS.       

Relevance of this news:  Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd is in the business of Payroll, Outsourcing and Regulatory Compliances from its inception in 2004 and since then, has brought in a lot of efficiencies and technological upgradations with experts on its roll, to ease the hassles of Payroll Processing, Temp Staffing On-boarding Management, Regulatory and Payroll compliances by providing customized solutions to all its elite clients.

Now Karma Global is also fully into labour compliances for nearly 18 years and is helping both establishments and workers for fulfilment of obligations as per the laws of the land.  It has over 200 staff, both direct and indirect on its rolls and operates on pan India basis.  Recently, it has diversified into foreign shores as well, into countries like US, UK, UAE, Canada, Philippines, and Asia for handling payroll, outsourcing, recruitment and governance.

Karma Management handles the obligations of all provisions contained in the labour acts and rules and in this instance, there is an issue with a female employee of this company and an FIR has been filed with the local police station where it is alleged that some dues are withheld and promises made are not kept.

Subject Pune: Woman Alleges Company Demoted Her Post Maternity Break and Denied Gratuity, FIR Registered

For greater details, appended below is the complete news item

Pune: Woman Alleges Company Demoted Her Post Maternity Break and Denied Gratuity, FIR Registered

 Pune, 17th November 2022: The female head of the HR department at a reputable company in Kharadi was excited to return to work after taking a six-month maternity leave after giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl. However, she was taken aback when someone else was given her cabin. She was told she would be demoted and was not allowed to take sick leave after reporting for duty.                                               

The woman decided to leave the company, XDBS, in 2018 when it all began. She is allegedly being denied gratuity as well as the 100 shares the corporation had promised her as a reward for her hard work before her maternity leave.

After four years, she finally obtained a court order, and the Chandan Nagar police registered a cheating case against the company.

 She began working for the company in 2011 as group lead HR, according to the police. 2012 saw a name change for the company. On May 22 of that year, the management, pleased with her work, awarded her 100 shares and sent her a letter informing her of the gift. After that, the complaint was unable to attend the company’s annual general meeting, but her signature was obtained to prove that she was there.

Before moving to the World Trade Centre building in 2015, the company’s offices were located in Viman Nagar. According to the complaint, she allegedly began working from the new office in 2017. When she became pregnant in 2018, the employer gave her leave and, if necessary, provided financial assistance. Her six months’ income was also paid by the employer, but she claims she wasn’t compensated for the later leave she took.

 The complaint claims that despite working there for six years, the corporation has not responded to her emails or phone calls asking for a gratuity or the 100 shares that were promised to her.


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