What is the service about ?

Audit Visits: Regulatory Monitoring is one of the primary functions of Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd.. The purpose of Audit Monitoring is to check that the firms registered with us are conducting their audit work by adhering to all the rules and regulations, with 100% accuracy, integrity and upholding the required professional standards. In an ideal audit visit, an auditor visits the regional brand office where he suggests and advises the principal employer regarding the nitty-gritty of doing the audits in a seamless manner.

Abstract & Display Of Notices: There are mandatory acts, rules, and regulations which are to be followed by every organization to attain the best results. The abstract is a summary of such multiple acts, which include important acts like the Minimum Wage Act, Payment of Wages Act, Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act, Gratuity Act, Shop & Establishment Act. These acts are to be displayed on the notice board of all the organizations so that there remains no chance of missing out on any important piece of information.

At Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd., we understand the necessities of these audit visits and the display of notices, so much so, that every client who has laid their trust in us, do not have to worry about all these, as we take care of all these in the most accurate way possible

What value does the client get ?


Offering professional guidance with bespoke solutions, we guarantee our clients that with us as their partner, they will not have to worry about their organization’s compliance. Providing updates on statutory requirements, the employers and employees will have crystal clear information about their roles from us. The stakeholders will receive guidance on a myriad of things like information about the nearby hospital, labour authority’s name and address in case of any dispute, regional holidays, and similar others.

What process do we follow and what tools do we use ?


Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. does the physical audits on all the entities of the organization shared in the scope of work. During the visit, our auditors provide a readymade checklist that covers all these points like display of notices, abstracts, registers, & returns during the physical audit at the client’s premises. According to the checklist, the auditors check and share the report on the gaps in the checklist where the client would have not complied. Thus, in a way the client is assured of the best results.

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