What is the service about?

“Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort.” — Tom Coleman. And thus karma looks at the entire spectrum, i.e. Supervisors, Executives, Managers to make all of them “ learners for life” and this happens when we increase our efforts to make our people grow and help them to acquire maturity of thought and action.


Training and Development constitutes an ongoing process in Karma where specific skills, abilities and knowledge is imparted to most of the employees. Karma looks at these learning programs very seriously as most of the time, employees are called upon to exercise judgement and to choose alternative solutions to the job problem, as it is a very well known fact that Training Programs seek to broaden and develop the individual’s mind set and behaviour. Being in the service industry, employees are required to make independent decisions regarding their work and their relationships with clients as far as the internal setup is concerned. On the external front, Karma offers learning and training services to 100+ companies thereby shaping the future of these employees rather than just grinding through the present.

“Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort.” — Tom Coleman. And thus karma looks at the entire spectrum, i.e. Supervisors, Executives, Managers to make all of them “ learners for life” and this happens when we increase our efforts to make our people grow and help them to acquire maturity of thought and action.Karma sees both the aspects of Training and Development as distinct from one another. Development is focused primarily on leaning towards knowledge and attitude helpful for the employees in mid and senior levels while Training programs are run across all levels of employees mainly for broadening the mindset and out of the box thinking. Not to be left behind, Karma always steps up by aligning with the latest trends in Training and Development, with key elements of ethical orientation, emphasis on attitudinal changes and stresses upon decision making and problem-solving abilities. Karma has a set of well-qualified trainers, who have a passion for teaching, constantly introducing new systems and procedures with a view to ultimately contribute to the personal development of every individual.

Training and Development are some of the main functions of Karma’s Human Resource Management Department since it helps to remove performance deficiencies in employees which are particularly true when deficiency is caused by a lack of ability rather than a lack of motivation to perform and this is where Karma lays emphasis on individuals involved in Training and Development, to have the aptitude and motivation to learn to do the job better by bringing out desired behaviours… It focuses on teaching employees how to use particular machines or how to do specific tasks to increase efficiency. Practical and online training programs with customized development solutions are provided to our clients through our committed team of 100+ trainers PAN India. Our team offers training in regional languages also as per client requirements.

Our training and development programs can be categorized broadly into three sections namely:

Open Programs:

These programs pre-dominantly consist of the basic programs which are pre-requisites for every organization and their employees. Starting from presentation skills, personality development, storytelling skills, communication skills to decision-making skills, time management skills, risk assessment skills, and team-building skills – these programs offer a holistic approach to the first steps of learning. These also include online training on payroll software like monthly attendance & leave management system, income tax filing system, compliance courses to designing the salary structure.

Customized Programs :

Famously known for providing the best custom-made services for clients catering to all industries, we design customized programs for our clients as well. We are well aware of the fact that not every organization will be in need of specific training and thus it is our duty as leaders to provide customized training for them which includes soft skills development, safety training, quality training, and similar others.

Train The Trainer Programs:

The Train the Trainer model is a training strategy widely used in the workplace. The trainer, a subject-matter expert, trains other employees – in the use of a new sales program, for example – and simultaneously teaches them how to train others in the use of the program. The method offers distinct advantages over other training models because trainees typically learn faster and retain the information better than in other teaching models.


Training and Development - What value does the client get?

Companies derive a competitive advantage from Training and Development. It brings about greater stability, flexibility, and capacity for growth in an Organisation. Employees become efficient after undergoing training. Growth renders stability to the workforce. Further, trained employees tend to stay with the Organisation. Training makes employees versatile in operations. All-rounders can be transferred to any job. Growth from Training and Development indicates prosperity, which is reflected in increased profits from year to year. There are all chances of dissatisfaction, complaints, absenteeism, and turnover getting reduced if employees are trained well.

Training and development enhance its HR capabilities and strengthen its competitive edge. At the same time, the employee’s personal and career goals are enhanced, generally adding to his or her abilities and value to the employer. Karma ensures that training services contribute to the competitive strategies of several client organizations. Different strategies need different HR skills for implementation. Training helps employees at all levels to acquire the needed skills. Also, Karma takes a comprehensive and systematic approach and training and re-training are done at all levels on a continuous and ongoing basis by making learning, one of the fundamental values of the external Client Organisations.

It always makes it a point to create a system to evaluate the effectiveness of training and based on honest feedback received, it keeps on changing the pattern wherever required, to adapt more towards the suitability of the kind of feedback that comes in from the employees of client organizations. Given below are some of the very strong pointers towards benefits of Training and Development.

Training and Development - What process do we follow and what tools do we use?

Choosing the right training methods for all our Training and Development Programs for client organizations is what differentiates us from others. Stuffy training methodologies that rely on rote learning often won’t do the trick. Also, traditional classroom learning needs a serious tune-up if one desires to conduct an effective learning program. That is why Karma adopts training methodologies and tools that reach the learners where they’re at, taking into account their specific needs, their learning styles, and the goals of the training. This often involves software coupled with a more hands-on, on-the-job approach.

All the training programs charted out are client-centered and client-specific since the main focus is concentrated on individual learning styles that seem to fit the needs of the individuals the best. After the client shares the training requirements, we design the perfect training program for them. Followed by TNA (Training need analysis) from our expert team, we share the synopsis with the client and further design the training topics to be finalized, and begin the training within a week.


Virtual / Online training is conducted on simple user-friendly platforms (Zoom or Google meet). Our training methodology includes presentations, videos, and engagement activities even in online Training for Best Learning Outcome. Automated training helps to reach large numbers of employees all at once, or to train individual employees as they come on board quickly and easily. By using tailored software, we are able to reach employees immediately, giving them the skills they need to become valuable employees right away.

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