What is the service about ?

With the Government of India passing the Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act in the year 1970, every company whose work and hiring patterns fall under the criteria of applicability of CLRA needs to apply for CLRA registration. Under CLRA acts/rules there are multiple activities to be done like obtaining licenses, return submissions, notice & inspection closures. In order to complete these activities, the client is needed to visit the government and the department, which undoubtedly is a strenuous process. This is where we enter as pioneers of licensing and liaisoning management with state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to provide the best digital solution.

What value does the client get ?


As per the statutory law, the client has to obtain licenses to run his/her business, have to ensure that the organization adheres to all the statutory norms applicable as per State/Central labour departments. As stated by Section 9 of CLRA, any principal employer, if applicable under the rules and regulations of this act fails to get registered will be severely penalized. It also states that if the organization is not registered or if the contractor is not licensed then the contract labour shall be deemed to be the direct workmen and the Principal Employer or the Establishment shall be liable for the wages, services and facilities of the contract labour. Along with these complexities, licensing, in itself is an extensive process with multiple activities being carried out by the company. To ease these heavy-duty tasks and to maintain proper order for every action taken, Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with its in-built software tool WE CHECKED promise that all licenses and liaisons are done with 100% accuracy.

What process do we follow and what tools do we use ?


Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. liaisoning department understand the applicability of the licenses/ registration certificate and coordinates for the required documents with the clients. After the initial inspections are done, Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. applies for the licenses/ registration certificate. As on when the requirement comes from the client on licensees/ registration certificate, and notices/ inspections we visit the department to get the above activity closure done.

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