What is the service about ?

Powerful time management is the successful utilization of your time that permits you to design your days so that you complete your work with less exertion and capitalize on the restricted time you have. Time management which includes Time and Attendance Management is one of the core features of any organization. Overseeing and managing employee attendance and participation deals with an organization’s key activities to decrease employee nonattendances and ensures that they are reliably present to take care of their responsibilities, turning out beneficially to assist the association. A comprehensive employee attendance program can play a strategic role in keeping employees at work and lessening both medical services and employers’ pay costs, consequently expanding an organization’s profitability and by and large business execution. In this tech-driven world, keeping a tab of your organization’s time and attendance should most definitely be carried out through a tech-enabled software tool.


At Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd., our in-house in-built automated attendance and leave management system provides accuracy to an otherwise extensive attendance and leave management system.

Time, attendance and leave management software is a compelling employee attendance tracking system that enables your organization to remain organized. From being sure about finishing extraordinary undertakings quicker to giving the directors efficient time-saving administrative options, overseeing missed clock-ins and late time chronicles get easier with our time and attendance tool.

Offering a comprehensive solution to both small and large organizations and catering to almost every industry, our very own user-friendly mobile app, with biometric implementation can effortlessly and accurately keep a track of employees’ attendance and leaves. Our CUCKOO Time and Attendance solution is what your organization needs to make the time management system perfect.

What process do we follow and what tools do we use ?

Organizations that are searching for ways to improve operations while reducing costs at the same time will benefit from our cloud-based time and attendance software tool. It’s a simple and user-friendly time tracking software platform that allows managers to get a solid grip on employee performance. Our CUCKOO Time and Attendance solution is an all-in-one platform that combines time and attendance, leave management, and even project management, thus eliminating the need to communicate over email that is disconnected from other workflows.

Key Features Of Our Time & Attendance Management

Key Features of CUCKOO Time & Attendance Automated Solution An IoT technology-enabled system that is managed over CLOUD using the ADIS platform to reduce turn-around time and lower the possibility of a failure of devices, our CUCKOO time and attendance automated solution provides PAN India support with a dedicated team ensuring that installation, commissioning and support is prompt and that all clients get quality services. Additionally, this software provides services like:

Traditionally the work done by employees was always prone to errors which can be costly and it was a daily routine to carry forward the corrections, month on month which was time-consuming given the enormity of data requirements. However, with our ISO 9001 and 27001 certification and secured on a cloud-based server, errors stand at a negligible distance being the handiwork of artificial intelligence automation.

The main takeaway for the clients will be using key performance indicators to drive and maintain high service standards backed up by a solid foundation of data quality and consistency of data.

1. Push Technology
Offering real-time seamless availability of Time & Attendance
2. Biometric on Cloud

ADIS & Biometric enabled Time & Attendance device console for real-time monitoring

3. Remote site connectivity

SIM-based, WIFI available on biometric devices

4. Multi-device enabled

Can be used on Smartphones, IPads, tabs, laptops & desktops

5. Multi-location

Manage workforce planning & managing for multiple locations in real-time

6. Dashboard

Keep a track of present days, absentee, outdoor, late & early count

7. Attendance Workflows

Attendance regularization, requests & approvals

8. Automation Employee

Employee can see his own daily punch

Monthly attendance view for Employee as we HR

Shift planning for Manager

9. Automation Day Status

Dashboard for Manager

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